BindBox Ecosystem Architecture

BindBox Ecosystem

We have carefully designed each piece of BindBox so you can create, scale and maintain quality backends in the shortest possible time. We provide you with all the layers and tools you need in one place.

Increase your productivity by using BindBox and you will benefit from:

  • A ready-to-use development environment
  • Automatic infrastructure scaling (serverless)
  • Automatic and instant deploy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less time to launch your product to the market

With BindBox you just have to capture the business logic in the editor and connect your web, mobile, another API or whatever your imagination says to our API Cloud. You have broad compatibility with all current user interface (UI) frameworks:

General View

The Data Diagram allows you to understand how the models are related to each other; the full schema.

If you are an architect or software modeler you will know how difficult it is to keep the schema documentation in sync with its implementation.

In BindBox the implementation and documentation are one.

Example of overview with two associated models


Managing the attributes of your models is a simple task. Add, edit and delete through a simple form.

We support:

  • Primary key (PK) with UUID v4
  • Unique attributes
  • Primitive types: Integer, String, Boolean, Date
Example of attributes of a model


Model association support is simple, powerful and intuitive. You just need to express the type of association you need:

  • One to one
  • One to many
  • Many to many
Example of one-to-many association between two models

DB Reading Example

Example of creating workflow that performs reading in the database
Business logic

Put business logic in your workflow without coding. It will be natural and fluid.

Powerful Nodes

You have powerful construction nodes that allow you to perform CRUD operations, data subscriptions, authentication and much more.


In BindBox the implementation and documentation are one. The entire development team will be able to look at a workflow and know what it does in each of its parts.

Example of Use

Example of registration and reading data from a database
Auto deployment

You'll save countless hours of setup and waiting thanks to our seamless automatic and instant deployment process.


Forget all the headaches of configuring, scaling, and maintaining your IT infrastructure. BindBox will take care of everything for you.

Easy integration

Connect any client you want to our GraphQL API, be it Web, Mobile, another API and more.

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