BindBox Architecture

We have carefully designed each piece of BindBox so you can create, deploy and run quality custom APIs in the shortest possible time.

BindBox Architecture

BindBox integrates the layers and tools you need in one place.

Development tool

A ready-to-use no-code development environment equipped with powerful features. You won't miss coding anymore.

Infrastructure layer

BindBox takes care of the cloud infrastructure for you. All your APIs are powered by serverless technology so you can scale as much as you need.

Service layer

You can leverage in BindBox to build from basic to complex APIs that uses databases, subscriptions, auth, external APIs and more.

API layer

BindBox exposes your project as a GraphQL API that you will consume directly from your applications.


To offer as much flexibility as possible, BindBox let you use what ever technology you want as a frontend. This means that you can connect a web app, a mobile app, another API or whatever you want.


User Auth

BindBox provides you different authentication mechanisms to fit your needs such as Token-Based, Social Login (Google, Facebook, Amazon), OAuth, and more.


Generate Keys to authenticate access to your API. Create as many as you need with different permissions levels.


Permissions allows you to have roles with different access levels. Grant and deny access according to your needs.

Built-in database

BindBox provides automatically with a database for your project that is kept in sync with your Data Diagram.

File storage

Store small and large files easily. Uploading, downloading, and managing them is a breeze.


Isolate work is critical. Develop safely on one environment and let your production API work peacefully in other.


API activity is automatically provided by BindBox. Know at every moment what is happening there.

Serverless scalability

Under the hoods BindBox uses serverless technology to power your custom APIs. Your API will grow and shrink on-demand.

Automatic deployment

Choose what you want to deploy and BindBox will do it automatically for you. Deploying incremental changes is simple.

External APIs

Connect your BindBox API with other APIs to read and write data to any type of source.

Scheduled tasks

Run offline task to compute, sort data, update external data, billing processing or whatever you need to do.

CRUD generation

Save a lot of time by generating automatically CRUD operations for your models.


Make sure everything is working as expected. Building and running Quality Assurance tests with BindBox is a natural.


Extend BindBox capabilities by integrating with your favorite tools to send emails, trigger notifications, write on sheets and much more.

Autogenerated docs

BindBox keep your API documentation updated at every moment by automatically generating it.

Stay Tune

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